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CLAY COUNTY - We are looking for parents to help! 

Do you need a hand up with getting a job or getting a better job? Childcare? Budgeting? Financial resources? Apply today!

Empower TN and the Highlands Economic Partnership strive to improve the quality of life for all citizens by providing opportunities for businesses to grow and prosper, and by providing access for citizens of all ages educational and work experiences that will allow them to better themselves generationally. We do this through Economic Development, Workforce Development, and Workplace Education.

The Clay County Health Council is currently conducting a County Health Assessment. this is a process to develop a three-year plan to assist in making Clay County healthier. Part of the assessment is to get community input through an online survey. The attached flyer has the link to the online survey and also has a QR code to scan if preferred. We ask that you completed the Survey by August 1, 2023. Your input will be used to determine the health-related priorities that the Clay County Health Council will work on for the following three years.

Survey Link



In 1919 all high schools in Clay County came under the control of the Clay County School Board. Public high schools were established at Celina (Clay County High School) with Professor J. J. Hendrickson as principal, Spivey (Hermitage Springs) Mattie Capshaw and Eva Capshaw were teachers the Principal is unknown, Moss High School with Professor O. L. Carnahan as principal, and Willow Grove High School with T. L. Sewell as principal.

In 1914, the year following the passing of the compulsory education law in Tennessee, there were 3035 students enrolled in grades 1-8 plus the high school students.

The Clay County Elementary System had 65 schools located throughout the County in 1920.

By 1977, the number of schools in Clay County had been reduced to four sites, Celina K-8, Celina High School, Hermitage Springs School (Grades K-12), and Maple Grove. The student population was 1556.

Celina High School was closed in 2003. Clay County High School (located on Highway 52 just outside Celina) opened in the fall of 2003. Hermitage Springs High School was consolidated into Clay County High School in 2007.

Clay County Schools' student population is now 1081.

Clay County Schools

The Mission Of Clay County Schools Is

To Provide A Positive Learning Environment

In Which Students Develop To Their Fullest

Potential, Achieve Success, And Are

Prepared To Meet The Challenges Of An

Ever-Changing World.